Crown N' Wraps 

It's a crown... It's a wrap... It's a crownwrap™

Tutorial/Support and Services

Wrap Tutorials/Wrap Party

I live to teach! Let me show you the art of headwraps!

Wanna learn to wrap your hair?

Sure you can watch a you tube video...  (if you keep scrolling).

But we don't just sell headwraps. This is a movement for personalization and unification. So call or text me so we can appoint a time for a one on one video chat tutorial. It's free when you purchase a headwrap from me.

You're not in this alone. Let's put together an old school "trunk" party!

That's right...

Invite your friends over for any type of informal get together. I would love to attend and provide face to face/hands on tutoring!

*No charge if local to the Atlanta or surrounding area

*A minimum of 3 headwrap purchases is necessary.

Book now, simply by sending an email to  or text to (949) 242-9178 with the follow information:

Your name and social media handle, the  function/occasion, town/city/zip, and date.

*Please consider providing at least a 4week advance request.

Class is in session

Tutorial Videos from YouTube

I found the following videos by my beautiful Queen sistars, most easiest and accurate to follow. While practice makes perfect, remember there is no wrong way to wrap. It is an art and expression of your inner Queen or Goddess. Have fun!
Important: Whether the video advises or not: Always wrap your hair first with a silk or satin scarf or lined bonnet. You can find such products on my list of other Black businesses/ vendors.