Crown N' Wraps 

It's a crown... It's a wrap... It's a crownwrap™

Our story has been diluted and fabricated for far too long.

The true story of the Afrikan people (that is not taught in mainstream education) is rich!


The Headwrap holds a distinctive position in our story of American fashion, both for its longevity and for its powerful significance. It survived the travails of slavery and centuries of ridicule, but never passed permanently out of style. Au mode’…. the Afrikan-American headwrap exhibits a paradox of meaning. By far, it is more than a piece of fabric tied on top/to cover the head for a bad hair day and is not to be confused with a bed cap.

The enslaved and their descendants have regarded the headwrap as an insignia of our cultural origination, courage, and strength. Today, the elegant textiles with eccentric prints and colors of all sorts, is worn by thousands of Afrikan-Amerikan women, to function as a crown that evokes respect for our v i r t u e  and  m a g i c k. And even more, a uniform of our social orientation/ association to the Afrikan diaspora in the Americas with our new proclamations, spiritual beliefs, and resistance to loss of this renewed evolution of self.
Even with the 500+years interruption (of the Maafa), we should be proud of our ancestors because we are the very triumphant DNA of them today. Believe! We come from a long line of dynasties, royalty, strength, talent and passion. We must recognize the beauty in that often untold history.


Wearing a headwrap is symbolic of that: I know what history says about me and how it portrays me today but in spite of that, I know the truth; I know who I am and I am not ashamed of it, because look at me… I am here!